Friday, 30 January 2015

Curry Todd: Boat Launch Access

Curry Todd is among the supporters of a new legislation of the Wolf River Boat Launch Access Study, funded by the Shelby County Office of Sustainability, to increase the use and enjoyment of the Wolf River and provide opportunities to participate in outdoor recreation, improve safety in and around the River.

The Wolf River Conservancy was founded in the 1980s, after a citizen-led protest stilled a new gravel mine that was to be dug along the Wolf River. To safeguard the future safety of the habitat they created the conservancy, a 501(c) nonprofit, to preserve and protect the area.

Since first being found in 1985, the Wolf River Conservancy has grown in staff, resources, and overall mission. It now has successfully aided the preservation of 18,000 acres in the Wolf River area; and they are now protecting the Ghost River State Natural Area, which named after the disappearing effect the river has as it runs through marsh and swampland.

Curry Todd is also proud of the Wolf River Conservancy especially for fulfilling the Wolf River Greenway Project in 2010, which is a corridor of protected green space. The group is looking to ass a paved pathway along the river that is meant or foot commuters rather than motorists; and have it stretch 30 miles. 

That part of the project is currently on hold for extended fundraising and land acquisitions that is much needed for the completion of the project. Todd now hopes to draw extra support for the group so that this project can be brought to fruition. 

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