Friday, 9 January 2015

Curry Todd: Wolf River Conservancy

Curry Todd , a former representative of the Tennessee House of Representatives, is also a big supporter of the Wolf River Conservancy.The Wolf River Conservancy was founded to preserve and make significant contributions to the Wolf River area, and that goal is still being pursued to this day. In autumn of 2014 Nathalie Prior, a Tennessee Girl Scout, had completed a butterfly habitat in the Wolf River Conservancy.

The butterfly habitat is located in two of the parking lot medians that run alongside the river. As a requirement for her Gold Star Girl Scout Project, and with the support of her family and many volunteers from the community, she planted the vegetation as a food source for adult and larval butterflies.Curry Todd praised her efforts, which are also supported by FedEx and supervised by the Wolf River Conservancy. Back in August of this year, the John F. Kennedy Park underwent a cleanup that involved volunteers spanned out across the many acres that line the Wolf River. The park contains bottomland hardwood forest and a nature trail.
A following cleanup occurred in the park on September 27th in the same fashion as the August efforts.
Future plans for the John F. Kennedy Park include it becoming a gateway for the Wolf River Greenway trail into the Bartlett and Raleigh neighborhoods.Meanwhile, there are also plans for a Wolf River Boat Launch Access plan that will improve existing boat launch sites along the river, as well as new and improved launch sites.

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